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Dentist Journal

Why Is Preventative Dentistry So Important

Why Is Preventative Dentistry So Important?

Most people know that they are supposed to visit their dentist twice per year if they don’t have any significant ongoing dental issues. But many people don’t recognise the consequences that can occur if they skip a scheduled dentist appointment or two.

It is true that some people have a fear of going to the dentist, so they may avoid making appointments. Unfortunately, this bad habit can build on itself, and people who have skipped dental visits may continue to do so for years at a time.

However, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, people generally have good personal interactions with their dentists and hygienists. In fact, about 9 out of 10 Australians aged 15 and over reported that their dental professionals always treated them with respect.

There is an important reason that your dentist insists on seeing you every six months. Regular visits are a crucial part of preventative dentistry, which should be a part of everyone’s healthcare routine.

In this post, we’ll share the fundamental facts to know about preventative dentistry and discuss why it’s so vital to your health. Keep reading to learn about the healthy habits you should maintain as part of your preventative dental care.

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry simply means practising good oral habits, like brushing twice daily with a soft toothbrush, flossing each day, using toothpaste with fluoride and visiting your dentist twice per year. Many of the most common dental problems can be prevented if you practice the healthy habits listed here.

In short, maintaining these habits is the key to avoiding long-term tooth pain and damage to your sensitive gums. It also keeps your teeth looking healthy, giving you the confidence to smile!

Why is preventative dentistry so important?

Taking sufficient care of your gums and teeth is critical in avoiding unpleasant (and sometimes irreversible) damage, such as gum disease, cavities and tooth loss. Not keeping up with these habits or skipping even one or two appointments can cause plaque and other build-up on your teeth that is difficult to remove and can lead to disease.

But dental care is about much more than just your teeth and gums. When you don’t have a proper oral hygiene regimen, you run the risk of developing more severe diseases, including stroke, heart attack and respiratory illness.

If you’re due for a check-up and looking for a reputable dentist in the Sydney area, reach out to the knowledgeable team at Dental Avenue Parramatta. Our dental professionals are highly experienced in their field and aim to provide a comfortable experience for all of our patients. We have state-of-the-art equipment to make your next dentist appointment a breeze.

Call us on 1300 315 540 to make an appointment or request more information about preventative dentistry or any other procedures you’re interested in, including cosmetic dentistry, invisible braces and emergency dental work. We strive to make the dental experience simple for all of our patients, especially for those who are uneasy about visiting.

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