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Dentist Journal

What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Your Oral Health Over the Holidays


It’s quite common to celebrate the festive season with a drink or two. The problem with alcoholic drinks is that they are acidic. This is not good for your teeth at all. They also have high sugar content. The sugar and acid in your favourite beverages can cause your teeth to decay and eventually you will have to get fillings.

Over the holidays be sure to keep your alcoholic drinks to a reasonable amount. Rinse your mouth with water after each drink. Don’t brush directly after consuming alcohol as it can have an adverse effect and cause damage. Wait thirty minutes after ingesting food or drink and then brush your teeth. Let your saliva try to n

The Green Acres

This title refers to the amount of grazing we do over the holiday period. Do you find yourself continually snacking? With all the extra food in the house, it’s quite common for people to be grazing all day long. This isn’t great for your dental hygiene. Your body doesn’t have time to process the food and that includes your mouth. Give your body time to process food and drink after eating. Try to keep grazing to a minimum and stick to three square meals a day. It’s easier said than done. Just be mindful of when and what you’re eating.

Keep Up the Dental Hygiene

It easy to get caught up in the partying and socialising of the festive season. There are work Christmas parties, family gatherings and other events. All these events usually involve excess food and drink. It’s easy to forget about your dental hygiene routine. In amongst all the craziness of the holidays, be mindful of your dental hygiene. Remember to brush and floss daily. This will help prevent a trip to the dentist early in the new year.

Chew Gum when You are on the Run

Chewing gum will help curb your grazing habits. It also helps your mouth produce saliva which breaks down bad bacteria. An added bonus is that you will have minty fresh breath, just make sure it’s sugar free!

Just remember these tips over the holiday period, and you will come out on top with a healthy smile. If you do require a dentist in Parramatta pop on into Dental Avenue and we will gladly put the smile on your dial. Call us on 800 400 55 and we’ll help you with all your inquiries!

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