Need emergency dental care? Call our Parramatta clinic on 1300 315 540


When you are caught with a sudden toothache or damaged tooth, you want the ease of mind knowing that your regular dentist is there to help put you on the road to recovery.

Emergency Dental

At Dental Avenue, we offer emergency dental treatments for:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Sudden swellings
  • Knocked out teeth, and more


I think I need emergency dental care, what do I do?

Call our clinic and speak to one of our friendly team members. They will listen to your enquiry and best assess your next steps.


I’ve knocked out a tooth, what do I do?

Click here and read this fact sheet on protecting knocked-out teeth:


I’m in some discomfort, but I don’t think I have a real emergency, what do I do?

Call our dental clinic parramatta and make an appointment as soon as you can – our team will try to schedule an assessment at the earliest available time.


How can I avoid injuries to my teeth?

To avoid inflicting injuries to your teeth:

  • Wear a fitted mouthguard when playing sports and recreational activities
  • Avoid chewing hard foods such as popcorn kernels, ice cubes and boiled sweets – these can all crack teeth
  • Never use your teeth to open things!


When it comes to toothache, the best action is a combination of prevention and early detection, so:

  • Follow a strict and thorough dental hygiene plan that includes brushing twice a day and flossing daily
  • Pay attention to any change to your gums, such as sensitivities and bleeding
  • See your dentist if you notice your teeth becoming discoloured or loose, and
  • Ensure you keep up to date with your six-monthly check-ups


There for you no matter what the issue, our dentists in Parramatta can help alleviate your pain and distress – it’s that simple. For more information on our emergency dental options, please contact us today.