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Dentist Journal

Visiting The Dentist

Visiting the Dentist During Covid

Because the COVID epidemic encourages us to be as precautionary as possible, it may seem like an unideal time to make a dentist visit, considering it will require exposing the mouth. However, risks of becoming affected by COVID during a dentist visit are, in fact, very minimal. On the other hand, the risks of not visiting the dentist during an emergency, or even of not keeping up with a proper dental routine, are great because oral health has a massive impact on overall health.


If you have a dental emergency, it can be imperative to get to a dentist quickly and urgently. These matters should be taken seriously because they can cause severe pain which may escalate, as well as rapidly make other threats to your bodily health.

What constitutes an emergency:

-Your gums, cheeks or face are swelling

-You’re experiencing unendurable pain

-A broken tooth is damaging your cheek

-A tooth is knocked out

-You have mouth ulcers that haven’t gone away for 2 weeks


You may think that non-emergencies can simply wait, but dentists strongly advocate that the risks involved in not keeping up with a proper dental routine are too great to ignore because they may lead to other health conditions, like heart disease or diabetes, for example.

Further, waiting one or a few months to tend to non-emergency situations would be okay, but as the virus continues to remain a national and global concern, the wait is seemingly endless. Such delays increase the likelihood of discovering dental issues by the time patients can return to normal care.

What is more, the significant increase in at-home time what with people losing their jobs or working from home more often, has led to worsened diets. They are more likely to intake more carbonated drinks, sugary substances, and other tooth-decaying foods and drinks. That means it is that more urgent to get professional dental cleanings because people’s mouths are simply dirtier!

Special COVID Dental Practices

While dentists encourage people to come in for treatment, don’t think that they do not take current matters seriously. These are some changes that you may expect:

-Patients are asked to come unaccompanied if they can, or with no more than one extra guest

-Less patient appointments are made

-Rooms are rotated, letting aerosols settle before another patient goes into the same room

-The waiting room is set up differently (chairs spaced out or put in corners, etc.)

-Patients must stand a certain way at the reception desk

-Everyone will be wearing masks

-Dentists wear special masks and face shields

For a safe dentist in Paramatta during this time, Dental Avenue Paramatta is an ideal place to take care of any of your dental needs. We are seriously committed to your health and so are following the guidelines set by the Dental Board of Australia. That means, for instance, any workers at Dental Avenue will stay home if they don’t feel well or have come into contact with anyone who’s had COVID. We have also modified our reception area to accommodate the needs of social distancing.

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