A healthy mouth is often indicative of a healthy body, which is why it is so important to look after your teeth and gums.

A simple routine repeated twice daily – or as instructed by your dentist – should remove the harmful bacteria build-up that can, if left unchecked, lead to irreversible oral deterioration.


What can happen if I don’t take care of my teeth?

Poor and irregular cleaning can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and even the loss of teeth.

When we eat, the levels of bacteria in our mouth increase and cling to our teeth as plaque. Unchecked, this plaque hardens into tartar to create a sheltered pocket of activity that busily eats away at your teeth to create cavities and damage your gum line.

Dentists use a number of treatments – sometimes in conjunction – to repair teeth and prevent further decay, but in some cases where the teeth are too damaged these teeth have to be removed.


What are the other risk factors associated with poor dental health?

In recent years, research has shown that patients with poor dental health have an increased risk of suffering from stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease.

So you could say dental health has never been so important!


Why do I need regular preventative care appointments?

Not only is a dentist better equipped to see and work into those awkward, tight spaces safely, but they also have the know-how to recognise issues before they develop into something more serious – such as impacted wisdom teeth and decay beneath fillings.

Issues left unchecked often evolve into larger problems requiring more invasive treatments and costly procedures, which is why regular check-ups are so important.


What happens at an appointment?

A regular check-up will involve your dentist providing a deep clean to remove plaque, tartar and surface stains from your teeth.

Your check-up appointments also present a perfect opportunity for you to approach your dentist if you have any concerns, or would like to know more about cosmetic or corrective procedures.


What should I do to keep my teeth healthy?

  • Brush your teeth twice daily with a soft, rounded bristle toothbrush
  • Floss daily
  • Use a toothpaste with added fluoride, and
  • Visit your dentist every six months for a check-up

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