New developments in dentistry mean that patients now have access to pain-free, no-drill and no-injection options that solve existing tooth decay.

Traditionally, fillings require patients to undergo local anaesthetic injections to numb the area before the decay can be drilled out and the cavity filled.

Now, this revolutionary new technique can treat patients with early-stage decay painlessly, and can be completed in as little as 20 minutes:

  • The affected teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried
  • The decay is removed and treated with a resin-like application that fills, reinforces and stabilises the tooth structure, then
  • The teeth are sealed, and the patient is able to head home


Dental Treatment without Drilling


While patients are assessed case-by-case for suitability if you want to know if no-drill dentistry is right for you, why not visit our dental clinic in Parramatta and have a chat to one of our friendly dentists in Parramatta

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