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Dentist Journal

Effects Neglecting Your Teeth Can Have On You

All of our great dentists in Parramatta Dental Avenue recommend dental check-ups at least twice a year. It’s especially crucial for kids to get checked before they start school because it’s vital to spot potential problems with their incoming permanent teeth. Below are a few of the factors that can be affected due to neglecting […]

Preparing Them for Their First Dentist Trip

A lot of us fear dentists, but chatting with our friendly dentists in Parramatta will soon put you at ease. Modern dental techniques like laser dentistry make your treatments virtually painless. Healing time is faster too, so the after-effects of your dental appointment are lessened. So now that you know it won’t hurt – at […]

How to Care For Your Teeth

Poor oral hygiene can be a deal-breaker in social engagements. From bad breath to stained teeth, it can have an effect on your confidence. However, maintaining good oral hygiene is not hard. The solutions to clean white teeth are simple, and our dentists are more than happy to help get you on the way to […]

Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

Having poor dental hygiene can prevent you from doing something as simple as smiling. However, this is pale in comparison to the range of complications that result from poor oral health. Such include bad breath, gum disease, dental caries, and even mouth cancer. That said, some people do suffer from these complications because they are […]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Everyone knows that dental health should be a priority, but all too often, life gets in the way, and proper oral hygiene is neglected. But dental care doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Once you establish good oral hygiene habits, you will feel strange if you go a day without practicing them. The tricky […]

Effects of Energy Drinks on Your Dental Health

If there is something we’ve been conscientiously warned against by dentists, it’s sugar. However, for those who love sweet things, such warnings are simply ignored. The result is serious dental health problems that are costing many people, young and old, their teeth. But even as dentists continue sounding the alarm about the effects of sugar […]