Using a safe three-step process, professional teeth whitening can create a stunning and healthy smile.

Non-invasive, the treatment lightens the natural colour of your teeth by several shades to create a dazzling result.

Tooth Whitening

How white can my teeth get?

Patients experience slightly different results depending on their lifestyle and natural tooth colour.

Our Ultradent whitening process lightens the existing shade to create a brighter smile, but can’t make teeth a whole different shade of white.

Lifestyle factors that can affect tooth colouring include:

  • Smoking
  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea, and
  • The natural aging process

Your dentist will be better equipped to help you understand how your final result might look.


What can’t be lightened in a treatment?

Unfortunately crowns and fillings cannot be lightened.


Does whitening damage my tooth enamel, crowns or fillings?

No, our whitening process does not damage tooth enamel, crowns or fillings in any way.


Will my teeth be sensitive after the whitening process?

Some patients experience sensitivity for up to two days after their treatment.


Don’t let unsightly stains get in the way of your smile, our dentists in Parramatta can guide you through the best whitening options so you can have a brilliant, healthy smile every day.

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